New release ICSM Records (ICSM 001)

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ICSM 001

BRAHMS: WALTZES for piano four hands

Release date – JUNE 2014





Johannes Brahms, Walzer for piano four hands, Op. 39 (1865), Liebeslieder Walzer for piano four hands, Op. 52a (1869), and Neue Liebeslieder Walzer for piano four hands, Op. 65a (1874-1877):

Fiammetta Tarli and Ivo Varbanov, piano four hands

The first release of ICSM Records (ICSM 001) features the complete recording of Brahms four-hand Waltzes. Dance music was in Johannes Brahms’s blood. Two particular dance-measures fascinated him throughout his life, the waltz and the Hungarian Cz?rd?s.

Here we explore what he could do with waltz-rhythms, even on the smallest scale, in the medium of the piano duet.Brahms’s two sets of Liebeslieder-Walzer (Love-song Waltzes) used to be among his best-known works. These beguiling little waltz-songs  remind us of a time before radio or television, when domestic music-making was a fact of life, a time when ‘quartet parties’ were frequent and when families would gather around the piano to play and sing for their evening entertainment.

Performed by Tarli and Varbanov, the two interpreters enrapt the listener with an imaginary fantasy on the waltz form whose underlying theme is love.