Ildebrando Pizzetti

2004_pizzetti_cd_gega-copySonata in Fa for cello and piano (1921), Tre canti for cello and piano (1924)




Seeli Toivio, cello

Ivo Varbanov, piano


The famous Italian composer, conductor, critic and pedagogue Ildebrando Pizzetti (1880-1968) is almost unknown in Bulgaria. He worked as a conductor in Parma, Florence and was Director of the Milan Conservatoire and teacher in composition at the St. Cecilia Academy in Rome. He was also a music critic for leading newspapers and wrote essays for various specialised books and magazines. Parallel to that he wrote a number of works in different genres – operas, ballets, oratorios, symphonies, a wide range of chamber music, choral music and film music.

The compositions included in the present programme of Seeli Toivio and Ivo Varbanov were written during the 1920s. This release is the world premiere of both these works.