20th-21st Century Works for Two Pianos and Percussions

2006_voland_cd_gega-copyGEGA NEW – GD310


Béla Bartók – Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion (1937)

Ari Ben-Shabetai – Hora (1997)

Gheroghi Arnaoudov – Variations on a Theme by S. Rachmaninov (2001)

Alexander Arutunian – Festive (1962)

Christo Yotsov – Musical Moments (2004)

Jerzy Bauer – Divertimento (1965)

Voland Quartet:

Ivo Varbanov (piano), Michal Drewnowski (piano)

Christo Yotzov (percussion), Radosvet (Eti) Kukudov (percussion)


Voland Quartet presents a very interesting program. The works included were created during the last 70 years and they show some trends in the development of 20th and 21st century music. Of special interest is the combination of two pianos with the timbre variety of the different percussion instruments. The four musicians are renowned solo performers, but in the present recordings they have achieved an amazing ensemble performance.